Spring Detox Package: Neem, Tulsi, Garlic & Ginger Classes

Your Instructors

Benefit from ancient wisdom and years of authentic lived experiences by our teachers.

Experience an intimacy and deeply personal experience of the Spring Detox with Neem, Tulsi, Garlic & Ginger and our teachers. As a result of their deep wisdom, personal passions and embodiment of Ayurveda lifestyle, the delivery is authentic and from the heart, leaving you feeling connected to Mother Nature, her gifts of wellness and your own innate capacity to self-heal.

Acharya Shunya is an extraordinary teacher and author of the living wisdom of Ayurveda. She is a traditional Vedic lineage holder and founder of Vedika Global, former President of the California Association of Ayurveda Medicine and teaches at the California Institute of Integral Studies and complementary medicine symposiums at Stanford, UCLA, and UCSF. Acharya Shunya’s latest book, “Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom” is a bestselling book on Amazon.com.

Chef Sanjai is the head of the Ayurveda cooking department at Vedika Global and serves on the Board of Vedika Global. He teaches over 200 original recipes inspired by ancient Ayurvedic source texts, based on the science of the healing potency and potential of the ingredients used in the healing Ayurvedic recipes.

Courses Included with Purchase

Garlic and Ginger
Your Pain-Relieving and Digestion-Promoting Friends
Acharya Shunya
Your Ally in Detoxification
Acharya Shunya
Clear Up Colds and Coughs, Prevent Cavities and De-Stress
Acharya Shunya

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